Documents are an integral part of every job. Documentation can help streamline processes for projects by defining the processes, keeping a record of the status of decisions and actions, and keeping track of all the major and tiny aspects that comprise the bigger picture. Documentation is often ignored yet it is essential to the success of any company or organization.

Documentation techniques are used in a way that goes beyond the traditional definition of printed texts. Any representation of information that is physical can be regarded as a document for instance, photos or drawings are just as much documents as an unwritten report or database report.

A document can be organized, like a list or form, semi-structured, such as the newspaper article or book, or unstructured, such as an unwritten note. Documents can also be classified into confidential, private, or public.

regardless of their nature or form, most documents created in an organizational context adhere to certain conventions and standards that are widely accepted by the organization. This ensures that all new documents have a similar appearance and basic structure. This provides more transparency and uniformity within the document workflows of the organization and the entire ecosystem.

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