Business software is a suite of digital tools and programs that small companies use to manage operations, from managing projects, to managing expenses to paying employees. These tools are designed to assist small businesses operate more efficiently and ultimately, save money. Some of the most effective features of safe business software include real-time collaboration, record-keeping and customized dashboards. These tools can help small businesses reduce risk as well as speed up WHS and boost productivity.

SAFe is a framework for Lean-Agile for change management and application IT. It is a comprehensive framework for implementing Agile at a large scale. SAFe is a comprehensive approach to implementation of Agile at scale.

The first step to adopting SAFe is establishing goals and a plan for your transformation. This involves identifying and prioritizing your value streams, choosing your first ART, forming agile teams conducting readiness assessments, and establishing a backlog program.

The next step in implementing SAFe is identifying and training change agents. These individuals are responsible in educating leaders about the benefits of SAFe, and aiding in the transition to the new system. It is crucial that everyone understands their role in SAFe Implementation. The third step in implementing SAFe is to use the Agile portfolio manager (APM) to identify strategic investments and monitor progress.