To grow your business, it is essential to have a long term perspective. It’s not simple to change the way your company operates. Many employees are resistant to making a big change and won’t be able to accomplish the goals that your company is seeking in the long run. The research shows that you can increase the happiness of your employees and make them more forward-looking.

Future-oriented innovations are those that incorporate innovative products businesses, tactics, and companies that make life better for people. They help to improve the performance of a wide range of communities, including space and healthcare or improve a company’s competitiveness. In order to make these breakthroughs happen, they require collaboration between various high tech process stakeholders as well as a paradigm shift. They also require a detailed analysis of the current challenges and alternatives along with considerable epistemic openness to listen to ideas from the future.

This article provides theoretical lenses that can be used to support innovation ecosystems more efficiently. This involves enhancing dialogue with futures knowledge creation, articulated value, looking beyond immediate cooperating and establishing ecosystem futures capabilities.

To create a culture that is future-oriented You must train your employees to think differently. Design fiction is a great way to help your employees see the implications of current technological developments. This can help create an understanding of ownership and bring together different stakeholders. Moreover, it will enable them to spot opportunities they may not have seen in the past.