Megacoin Mining Calculator MEC Mining Calculator

Here we see the AMD core of our Megacoin Scrypt engine, a Gigabyte Radeon 7950. The third form of mining is through the use of leased hashing power. In which, a server engages in the mining procedures with the user based upon the amount of hashes. The leased hashing power does not have a dedicated […]

How to Buy 1inch 1INCH HODL or Trade Crypto

1inch V2 introduced the Pathfinder routing system, a new user interface and support for many more liquidity sources. The 3rd protocol used by 1inch is a complex limit order system useful for anyone dissatisfied with regular market orders and looking to swap tokens at specific prices. 1inch token often acts as a connector between tokens […]

The Beginners Guide to ERC-20 Tokens and Addresses

We’ve already seen some projects test these boundaries with projects like Treasure DAO that price their assets exclusively in MAGIC. We expect to see more creative intersections of ERC20s and NFTs in the future. This error means that user does not have enough Ether to cover the cost of gas. Each transaction (including token and […]