There are a myriad of rules that govern the world of board meeting. It’s an excellent idea, since it ensures that discussions are fair and productive. The number of rules is overwhelming, especially for a first-time or experienced chair. In this article, we will look at seven board meeting rules which are essential for creating positive results and constructive dialogue.

Rule 1: The order of precedence must always be observed.

The chairperson of the board should ensure that the discussion remains focused on the items on their agenda. Every member has a responsibility to respect and listen to the opinions of others. To speak members must notify the chairperson by raising their hands or standing. The chairperson will then permit the member to speak their opinion. The chairperson must also follow Robert’s Rules of Order when deciding which motions are more important and how to recognize them (e.g., by raising your hand or by asking permission).

Rule 2: One item at the same time is discussed.

Be distracted by new issues, board meetings will consume time and divert attention away from the most important issues. To prevent this from happening the board’s leader could include a „parking area” at the conclusion of the meeting, where they can push important topics that aren’t top priority. The leader of the board can commit to revisiting the parking area and consider whether these issues should be added on the next agenda, moved to a different meeting, or delegated as the task.

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